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RocKomix was my 1981 Christmas gift to some of the crew. These Magic Marker drawings were among a very few color illustrations that I made during this period. Amy Polan Clarke thoughtfully made Xerox® copies of all of the originals before they were handed out. In order:
"Rock Ed 101” was for John Scher whose madness made everything possible.
“Program Ed 101” was for Bruce Moran who published the concert program series and is now a successful promoter.
“Rock Justice...or is it really Rock Truth” was given to Mo Morrison, who was then our Senior Production Manager.
“Rock Poetry” was for Alan DeZon, who was Production Manager, Assistant Production Manager or Stage Manager depending on how many gigs were going on at the moment. He is now VP/Operations for Ticketmaster in China.
“Rock Reality” was for Frank Stedtler, who was then our Stage Manager.
“Rock Teabag” was for Brenig Bowen, who was our stage Electrician, Assistance Stage Lighting Director and/or Premier Follow Spot Operator, as needed.
“Rock Innocence” can only be Lee Squires.
“Rock Sustenance” sounds like Randy Foster, who saved our sense of humor and often our lives while part of Cy’s hospitality crew.
“Rock Princess” was for Amy Polan Clarke, who was then the No. 2 exec in the organization, and now Director of Operations for On The Road Booking.
“Rock Philosophy” was for Arthur Berman, our Stage Door Security chief and a truly unique being who stood out as such even among a huge collection of truly unique beings.
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