VintageRock made an article about me their lead story on May 18. Aside from a few typos, the writer got it mostly right. See "Unsung Hero of Rock and Roll: Moyssi, LD & Artist"

Al Hayward (co-founder of the Capitol) has conspired with me to create a new section on this website to be called “Inside Stories”. We invite everyone who worked the Capitol in any capacity to contribute their own inside stories to this new section. Each story that is accepted for publication will receive it’s own page, with a link from this page. Stories that are specific to one particular concert or group of concerts will continue to be added to the Gallery sidebars. The first six stories are by Al Hayward:

“Chuck’s Fur Coat” — coming Sunday 9/16/07
“A Star is Born in Passaic” — coming Sunday 9/23/07
“Narcs in the Bathroom” — coming Sunday 10/7/07
“Who Was That Guy?” — coming Sunday 10/14/07

The Final Curtain
The Capitol Marquees page now ends with 2 newspaper photos of the "Final Curtain"—the wrecking of the Capitol Theatre (1991), represented with permission of The Record.