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Bands: Ten Years After; Peter Frampton; Sassafras
Venue: The Island Music Center, Commack NY
Date: August 24, 1975
Quality: Program; Cover art exists and includes paste-up concert info as shown.
Comments: This, my first concert program cover ever, was commissioned by Alan Shapiro’s Clone The Word Inc. These early programs did not generally include a title page but they did devote a full page to each band on the bill. Thanks to the courtesy of Nancy Sacca, I now have one of my first printed programs. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the publisher printed an “About the Cover” blurb which began “There’s a sneaking suspicion that Moyssi has been somewhere that most of us have not.” Well, never having done any psychedelics, I took that as a compliment that pretty much defines the entirety of this website. Enjoy!