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Bands: Outlaws; Stanky Brown
Venue: On The Boardwalk at Asbury Park, Convention Hall
Date: May 28, 1978
Quality: Uncirculated program, LP, Poster; Cover art for program and Record Album.
Comments: You’ll see this outlaw in quite a few program covers as we wander through the years but we didn’t see nearly enough of Stanky Brown. The color image is Stanky Brown’s first record album, courtesy of Churchmouse. I designed and drew the cover which was then colored by Susan Greco. That’s me, first in line for the free soup, and there’s a very practical reason why I put “Misery Loves Company” into the artwork.
Record jackets were typically designed before the actual recording sessions had been completed, so the cover artist didn’t really know what tunes would make the final cut. “Misery Loves Company” was one of my favorites, but was one of two tunes that the producers were planning to leave out. So I tipped the scales by placing the words “Misery Loves Co.” on the storefront window in the cover art. There’s always more going on than meets the eye. If you click on the album jacket above, you can see larger images of the actual artwork.
The artist who created the 19" x 28" poster at right is unknown to me, but this was my inspiration for the soup kitchen approach to the record jacket.