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Bands: Jorma Kaukonen; Good Rats; Charlie Ainley
Venue: Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ
Date: May 20, 1978
Quality: Uncirculated program; Cover art.
Comments: “Keep those lamps trimmed and burning” has real meaning to every spot op of the day. We burned through a pair of rods every half hour or so, depending on how precisely we tuned the gap to the gel. I still hear Jorma’s guitar on purple-accented aquamarine stages when I should be sound asleep. Still, I don’t remember why I moved Martin’s Aquarium in the illustration from Jenkintown PA to Monroe Street in Passaic, and maybe someone mentioned to me the economic importance of the concession stand to the survival of the theatre.
The photo is Jorma on the stage at Stony Brook University in the 1960s. I had just discovered 1,000-watt beam projectors and Roscolene 878.