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Bands: Lynyrd Skynyrd; Leslie West; Atlanta Rhythm Section
Venue: Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ.
Date: December 20, 1975
Quality: Uncirculated program; Cover art exists as shown.
Note: Contemporary advertising and various lists of performances indicate that Artful Dodger was in fact the opening act for this show, rather than Atlantic Rhythm Section. If you can shed any light on this mystery, please contact me. —Moyssi
Comments: Al Kooper is said to have said about Lynyrd Skynyrd that “these guys can out-drink, out-fight, and out-play anyone I know.” But it looks like Leslie can out-eat them all—and he can still play if his too-brief performance at the first Long Island Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony is any indication. About Atlanta Rhythm Section, Crawdaddy said, “a combination of inventive writing and consummate musicianship like this hasn’t been heard from out of the South since the Allmans’ ‘Idlewild South.’”