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Bands: Herbie Hancock; Mahavishnu Orchestra; Taj Mahal
Venue: Island Music Center
Date: October 10, 1975
Quality: Uncirculated program; Cover art exists as shown.
Comments: This cover illustration is based on an earlier sketch called “The Seafarer” and alternately titled “Amber Waves of Grain”, one of six sketches that I drew as a warm-up exercise for this series of program covers. The “Feedback” page includes a contest and this winner from the previous contest:
“Right after the Leslie West concert at the Beacon Theatre onJune 1st I walked around the block carrying five of Corky Laing’s sticks and found Leslie out the dressing room window. I asked him to throw me a guitar pick, but he said he didn’t have one. Then someone (probably Corky) threw Leslie’s shoes out the window to me. I picked them up and Leslie told me to throw them back. I refused and went home contented with my souvenirs. How many people do you know have the Great Fatsby’s shoes?”